What to Expect

The initial online chat/consultation is free and usually takes around 20 minutes. This is an opportunity to ask questions, establish availability, and if you wish to book an initial session.

This first session which lasts for an hour is an opportunity to get to know you. We can discuss the areas and issues you would like to work on and the ways in which I may be able to work with and support you. At the end of the initial session, if you would like to go ahead, we can agree on how you would like to continue our work.

Sessions of Counselling or Psychotherapy are usually carried out once a week or once a fortnight for an hour at a set time as agreed.

The work can be open-ended and ongoing as long as felt necessary or time-limited eg. Six sessions agreed at the beginning of the work.

I offer sessions online via Google Meet or Microsoft Teams, Face to Face in a comfortable, confidential therapy room in the centre of Woodbridge, Suffolk or outside whilst walking in nature.

Details of locations will be discussed before first face to face /walking & talking therapy session.


Initial Online Consultation 20 mins Free

Initial session including assessment 1 hour £50

Ongoing Sessions Face to Face or Walking & Talking 1 hour £50

Online Therapy 1 Hour £50

Wellbeing Session includes wellbeing inventory, personalised plan, psycho-education including handouts, reading recommendations, journal guidance. This is usually a one off session and is not therapy but a practical session to encourage self care and support mental wellbeing. 1 hour 30 minutes. £90